Welcome to the web resource for the Abdill Family History series, where you can find photos and additional documents related to the contents of the books.

Volume I: The Ancestors of Henry Stone

The first volume was released in April 2017 and includes the following surnames:
  • Alsop
  • Claiborne
  • Crowe
  • Fox
  • Jones
  • Lamb
  • Pettus
  • Stone
  • Spindle
  • Whitworth
  • Wigglesworth

Most of the direct ancestors addressed in the book are included in a PDF pedigree chart available for free. There are other names mentioned incidentally, as well: a full index to the book is also available.

Also possibly of interest is a lengthy examination of the ancestors of John West, an early settler of Virginia (and Henry Stone's sixth-great grandfather) who was descended from dozens of generations of European nobility.

Volume II: The Ancestors of Sally Abdill

The first volume covers Henry Stone, one of Sally (Stone) Abdill's grandparents. Volume II will complete the ancestry of her other three grandparents and is expected to include the following surnames:

  • Coleman
  • Cook
  • Crow
  • Hix
  • Ingles
  • Lewis
  • McClanahan
  • Rager
  • Wade
  • Wyatt

Volume III: The Ancestors of Richard Abdill

The third volume will complete the ancestry of Richard Abdill III, the author. It will trace the ancestry of his paternal grandfather, Richard Abdill Sr. (the husband of Sally Abdill), and the known relatives of Nancy (Siegel) Abdill. The following surnames are planned for inclusion:

  • Abdill
  • Arbeiter
  • Bunn
  • Miller
  • Newman
  • Nixon
  • Poinsett
  • Fenimore
  • Reinstein
  • Sheaver
  • Siegel
  • Steinman
  • Whiteside

Abdill Family History

The compendium that pulls together the content of the previous three volumes. Will also include an extended set of appendices featuring known places of burial and a calendar of all known birth and death dates.

Also planned is an extended narrative about the Civil War service of John R. Stone, first profiled in Volume I. John served mostly in the 4th Virginia Infantry Regiment, in the Confederate Army's famed "Stonewall Brigade," with whom he fought at the battles of Gettysburg, Antietam, Manassas and the Wilderness.

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The paperback is priced mostly to cover printing costs; the e-book is available for however much you think it's worth or can afford. Once payment is received, you'll receive a DRM-free PDF of The Ancestors of Henry Stone within about 48 hours.

If you can't pay anything for the book, but it will help you with your genealogical research, please email me at richard.abdill@gmail.com—I'd be happy to send you a copy free of charge.

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